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Clip Cable Power Charger™

“World’s Smallest Charging Cable!”

Michael Banks
Port Hueneme, CA
United States

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Hey there guys and gals, we’re tech guys from Santa Barbara California with a new crowdfunding campaign. After lugging around charging bricks, tangled cables and extra batteries we finally found a way to keep our phones and other devices charged up without the hassle – it’s called the Clip Cable.

It’s a mini charging cable that features a universal USB and a type C connector on one end, and a type ‘C’ _and_ a dual connector on the other that charges both micro USB and Lightning devices.   It also allows Android phones to charge other phones.  

The end connections swivel away when it’s time to charge your devices and fold back up when done.  At only 5” in length and 2.5” when folded, its magnetic clasp allows you to keep it with you at all times ready for action.

Reversible 2-way charging connector.

The Clip Cable Power Charger™ features a unique dual connector – side ‘A’ for Lightning, or flip it over for side ‘B’ – the Micro USB connector.  Both transfer power and data as fast as your computer or battery pack, and the magnetic clasp keeps it folded and firmly in place when not in use.

Easy to use.

Super easy to use, just plug the USB end into a power source, the other end into your phone or other device and you’re good to go!

Small & handy.

We’re serious when we say the Clip Cable Power Charger is the smallest charger available anywhere! 

Lots of great features!

Works with all your devices!

Sturdy and well made

Who needs tangled cables?

Demo Video –  1:07  

Android Phones Charge Android and Apple Phones.

Perks:  Here are the  Clip Cable Perks and Rewards.  Click on each one for a larger pic and more details.

Here’s the Click Cable Team.


Here are frequently asked questions about the Clip Cable Power Charger campaign:

How do I contact you if I have a question?  

Send an email to Kathy, our wonderful customer service rep,  She’ll help you resolve any questions you may have.  Be sure to include your contact info.

Is there a color choice?  

No – the factory charges extra and has fairly large minimum requirements for custom orders.  We want to keep the Clip Cable as affordable as possible.

Can I buy more Clip Cables? 

Yes. Pricing will still be our crowdfunding price,  (except for early-bird), not our retail price.

Can I change my shipping address for my perks?

Yes, email Kathy at – she will help you.

Why restrict shipping to the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan and the UK? 

Some countries require VAT, customs, restrictions, mail gets ‘lost’ etc.  We want to do the best job possible to get your perks to you asap.

Are you interested in doing business with wholesalers and bulk buyers? 

Yes, we are always interested in connecting with solid business partners.  If interested in discussing please get in touch with Mike Banks,

How long will it take to get my perks?

We’re planning on March delivery, but we’ll send them out as soon as possible.

What is your guarantee?

Our guarantee is simple and straightforward –  If you are dissatisfied with your perks for any reason, simply return them within one year and we will replace them or refund your money, no questions asked.  Please include your contact info.

Do your perks include instructions?

Yes. Perks are easy to use, but we include an instruction sheet to make it as easy as possible.

What is the ‘Mystery Gift’?

If we told you it wouldn’t be a mystery, would it?  🙂

What about your ‘Zip Connect’ cable perk?

It’s a magnetic charging cable with 3 quick-connect tips for fast charging, sync and data transfer.  It works with all phones and most other devices. At 1 M in length you can use it anywhere.

What is your basic philosophy?

Treat you like we would want to be treated – fairly and honestly.

Thanks for your interest – we look forward to your participation in our Clip Cable campaign!


Check back for updates.


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